Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

My Graduation HOorREeYyy

FINALLY seorang gw bisa di wisuda juga meskipun baru extension S1 Akuntansi dan itu pun telat dibandingin ma temen” gw yang laenny yang malahan dah lulus S2, OMG!!!

Tapi gpp,,,gw tetep bersyukur kok,,,next gw juga S2! *amin

corat coret tahun 2012


Apa maknany yaaa??

Yuna - Decorate

So you decided to see me out of the blue
Should I let you come over
I think you’re doing fine
That girl in your arms
Does she know where you come from

Almost made me move out of town
You don’t want me to be around
But I stayed anyway
Just in case

Finding reasons to hate you more than before
Like how you said you would call
But never at all
Got rid off your number that I know by heart

Yuna - Random Awesome

it all began
at the show one weekend
i was a friend of your cousin said
"hey how you've been"
And with your checkered shirt on
And my Reebok shoes on
Let's watch something random
turned to something awesome